Relocation Information

If you are relocating to Indianapolis for your postdoctoral training at IUSM, it is important you familiarize yourself with the city as well as the institution.  Indy has a lot to offer - but as with any move, the relocation process can be overwhelming.  Use the following suggestions and information as a starting point. 


Where do you want to live? 

Indianapolis has hundreds of living options, and what you should choose simply depends on what matters most to you.  Proximity to IUSM and price are two important factors to consider, and sadly enough they are pretty much exclusive of one another.  In addition to downtown, you may want to explore the other neighborhoods and areas of Indianapolis.  For your reference, the IUPUI campus is located west of downtown Indianapolis.  


Housing Survey

The IUSM Graduate Division conducts an annual Housing Survey. The Housing Survey includes anecdotal comments from former and current students and postdocs and do not represent official opinions of the Indiana University School of Medicine. Please note that opinions vary, so there may be discrepencies in the comments and overall recommendations. View the Housing Survey Results (updated June 2016). 


Apartment Hunting Tips


Where to Look for Apartments

Downtown - If you want to live downtown, START EARLY as there are often waiting lists.  You definitely pay for convenience when you live downtown. However, while the rent may be higher, those who live downtown can walk or ride a bike to IUSM, saving both time and money. One downside is that grocery and convenience store options are limited. 

The following are some of the more popular places to live near campus:

There are a lot of other apartment complexes located downtown. These are just a few popular choices. You might also consider renting a house close to campus.  There is about a three block radius bounded by Indiana, 10th, West St., and St. Clair that offers a lot of remodeled homes for rent. If that doesn't work out for you, here's a list of property management companies that run a lot of the downtown complexes.

Outside the immediate downtown area: 

One popular location is the West 38th street area (38th and I-465 area), where many apartment complexes are located. These apartments are about a 15 min drive to campus.

The advantages to living near the Broadripple area (50-60th and College Ave.) are the many popular nightspots nearby. The commute from Broadripple will be 20-30 min.

Living on the North/Northeast side (Keystone and Castleton areas) can present a 30-45 min. morning commute.

Other apartment complexes are listed online at Similar apartment guides can be found at local newspaper vending machines. The Indianapolis Star and Craigslist are helpful as well.


Grocery Shopping 

Ethnic Grocery Stores and Restaurants: Many grocery stores in the U.S. carry a variety of ethnic foods, but it is even better to visit an ethnic grocery store to find brands you may have used at home. To search for ethnic grocery stores and ethnic restaurants in Indianapolis, visit This site can also give you driving directions.

Kroger: There are Krogers all over the place. Popular ones are located on W. 38th St. just past I-465, Crawfordsville Road and I-465, and at Keystone and 65th. Kroger is pretty cheap, and you can save even more with one of those keychain swipee things.

Meijer: There are also many Meijer stores, specifically one located at 38th St. and Moller. A lot like Wal-mart.

Marsh: Lots of Marshes around - one downtown at W. Michigan St. and N. Senate Ave., 38th St. and I-465, Crawfordsville and I-465, 82nd and Allisonville, 62nd and Keystone, etc. 

Target: A really nice one at I-65 and Southport Rd. on the south side, one on 86th St. near Castleton Mall, and one on 82nd St. a mile west of Keystone.

Wal-mart: 86th and Michigan Rd. and I-69 and 96th (both with Sam's Club), Keystone and 71st, etc. Cheap food, long lines.


Health and Fitness 

IUPUI Natatorium- $67.90 gives you four (4) months of access to Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Open Gym, Racquetball, use of the Recreational Departments Weight Rooms (PE014 & PE015), use of the Natatorium Fitness Center and Intramural play.

JCC- 20% off individual membership and enrollment fee for all IU and IUPUI full-time employees. The JCC's facility and programs are among the finest in the city: 20,000 square-foot Fitness Center with the most current cardio and workout equipment; indoor pool and outdoor water park; 2 Pilates studios, an aerobics studio and a dance studio; 2 gymnasiums; 3 indoor tennis courts, 3 outdoor tennis courts and 3 racquetball courts; fitness classes and lessons, aqua exercise and rehab; ball leagues and swim team; early childhood education and summer camp; middle school and teen programs; adult education and cultural arts programs and so much more. "Community" is the JCC's middle name because of the diversity of the JCC's membership, the breadth of programs and services offered, and the thousands of people who call the JCC their second home. So whether it is fitness you crave, education you seek, a community you desire, the JCC has something for you.

The National Institute for Fitness and Sports (NIFS) - IUPUI faculty, staff and students are eligible for a discounted membership to NIFS located right here on the IUPUI Campus. Discover how many convenient choices we have available including free group fitness classes, an indoor track, basketball court, Pilates Studio, personal training and much more! Ask about a free 14 day trial membership for first time guests! (317)274-3432 or email: Please visit for more information.

YMCA of Greater Indianapolis - Show your IUPUI Jagtag and get 50% off your Joining Fee at any YMCA of Greater Indianapolis locations. Visit YMCA online at for more information on membership and locations. Offer cannot be combined with Income Based Rate Scale or any other offers.

Other: Many people choose to forego any gym membership, as many apartment complexes offer small workout facilities. There's also Gym 2.0 located near the Circle Center Mall and several Bally's Fitness centers around town.

Running: One very popular place to run is along the canal downtown. It's a pedestrian-only path follows the scenic waterway through downtown Indianapolis, and is a hot spot for rollerbladers, joggers, walkers (with and without dogs), and especially ducks. It is 1.5 miles from end to end. Other locations include the Eagle Creek Park trails on the west side, Northwest Way Park, Greenway, Whitewater Park, the Monon Trail, Butler University Campus, and the outdoor track at the Natatorium.

Biking: People bike along the canal, but it's not that long. You could do your best Lance Armstrong on the Monon, which stretches through the city from 10th St. near 65/70 all the way up to Carmel (a good 15 miles or so) or try the paved bike trail that follows the White River Greenway and passes through Riverside Park.

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