International Postdocs

Doing postdoctoral training in the U.S. is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be a confusing process.  In addition to the transition to a new research position, you are also faced with adjusting to the culture and distance from loved ones.  IUSM recognizes the unique challenges you face as a postdoctoral researcher from another country.  There are several resources in place to assist you with this process.  Be sure to connect with the Office of International Affairs (OIA). 

Office of International Affairs (OIA)
The OIA is a comprehensive office of international education and program development. The OIA fosters and supports visa services for both students and scholars, faculty research projects, institutional partnerships, international development projects, curriculum internationalization, campus programming, and community outreach.

IUSM PDA Postdoc Buddy Program
The IUSM Postdoctoral Association (IUSM PDA) is a group formed by postdocs in 2015 to help enhance the postdoctoral experience at IUSM. The IUSM PDA provides a Postdoc Buddy program specifically to help new and incoming postdocs in adjusting to a new city and job by matching them with existing postdocs at IUSM. In addition, the IUSM PDA also offers professional and social events for all postdocs.    

Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication (ICIC)
The Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication (ICIC) is a university-based research and service organization created in 1998 to enhance links between the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and cultures/nations throughout the world. ICIC strives for excellence in language and intercultural training in academic, professional, and other occupational contexts.  ICIC offers group training programs and individualized tutoring in language and intercultural communication to students, faculty, medical residents and postdoctoral researchers, as well as business professionals in the community. 

American English Intonation Program 
International health care providers and researchers often encounter difficulties with communication due to diversity in accents. In spite of competency in their professions and fluency in the English language their pronunciation or intonation patterns become a barrier in their ability to be clearly understood.  Recognizing this obstacle a multidisciplinary team of educators, researchers and clinicians within the Indiana University and Clarian Health System have designed a specialized program directed at facilitating intercultural communication. The goal of this course is to promote greater ease of communication for the participants and help them advance in their professions.

OIA's Tax Information
OIA's online tax information, electronic newsletter, and tax filing programs and services can help you through this complex process. 

OIA's Visa Pages 
This section of the OIA's website provides information and services pertaining to visas for dependents, institutional policy of J1 visas, SEVIS, and more. 

International Postdoc Survival Guide 
The International Postdoc Committee of the National Postdoctoral Association created a survival guide which addresses issues of prospective postdocs, navigating the U.S. culture and necessary paperwork, a quick guide to visas, and more!   

Ethnic Grocery Stores and Restaurants
To search for ethnic grocery stores and ethnic restaurants in Indianapolis, visit This site can also gives you driving directions.

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