IUSM Postdoctoral Policy  

 There are two types of postdoctoral researchers at IUSM, the Postdoctoral Appointee and the Postdoctoral Fellow.  Here, you will find the IUSM Postdoctoral Policy information for both postdoctoral classifications. This document provides details such as the postdoc salary minimum, the length of postdoctoral appointment terms, how to request an extension for a postdoctoral appointment, and other pertinent information.  

Updated: 5/2017


Compact Between Postdocs and their Mentors

 The foundation for a strong postdoc-mentor relationship is commitment, mutual respect and understanding, and a clear understanding of expectations. Recognizing the importance of the postdoc-mentor relationship, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) developed a Compact Between Postdoctoral Appointees and Their Mentors to initiate discussions between postdocs and their mentors. This document delineates responsibilities of both the postdoc and the mentor, and may provide a framework for valuable conversations when hiring a postdoctoral researcher.

Updated: 2/2017


How to Hire a Postdoc

This resource is to assist in the recruitment and hiring of postdoctoral researchers to the IUSM. This document provides a brief outline of the recommended steps to hire a postdoc for facutly and staff. Here you will find How to Hire a Postdoc to assist in the hiring of a postdoc to the IUSM.



Postdoc Offer Letters

There are two types of postdoctoral researchers at IUSM, the Postdoctoral Appointee and the Postdoctoral Fellow. Below are offer letter templates for the two types of postdoctoral researchers at the IUSM. 

Updated: 11/2016


New Postdoctoral Trainee Arrival Checklist

This checklist has been developed to help make the transition smoother for newly hired postdocs as they begin their new position at the IUSM. The New Postdoctoral Trainee Arrival Checklist provides some general steps and suggestions for newly hired postdocs of what to do prior to arriving to campus and what to do when they arrive on campus. 

Updated: 11/2016


Performance Evaluations
Conducting regular performance evaluations can enrich the training experience for both postdocs and faculty.  It provides a structured forum to give feedback on their performance including lab skills, initiative, dependability, team work, attitude, etc.  This feedback will help nurture the postdoc's professional development.  Additionally, a performance evaluation affords faculty a structured opportunity to address any personnel issues that may develop.

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs recommends conducting a postdoc evaluation after six months of employment and then annually thereforth.  Click here for the postdoc performance evaluation form.

Updated: 5/2017


Exit Survey 

When a postdoctoral researcher leaves IUSM, it is a critical opportunity to gather feedback about the IUSM postdoctoral experience and to collect information about their employment and career plans.  To capture this information, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs has created an exit survey.  Please direct your postdocs to complete this exit survey.  Click Here to take the postdoc exit survey

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