Where can I find...?

Where can I find...


Information about different career paths post my PhD/Postdoc:


Information about teaching:


Writing Opportunities:

There are numerous opportunities to gain writing experience including:


If you're interested in gaining experience in editing -


Networking Opportunities:


Leadership and Teamwork Opportunities:

Within the lab:


Outside the lab:



Public Speaking Opportunities: 

There are many arenas to gain science public speaking experience including:


Interested in gaining general public speaking experience?  


Business of Science Information:


Science Policy and Advocacy Opportunities:


Funding Opportunities:

    1. NPA International Fellowships & Grants list (recently updated) -
    2. Fogarty International Center -
    3. Cos Pivot -
    4. NPA searchable funding database -
    5. -
    6. NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts -\
    7. National Science Foundation -
    8. Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowships & Opportunities -


Job Listings:

General Job Search (a few places to begin your search):


Academic Jobs:


Industry or field specific jobs:


Government and State level Jobs:

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