Postdoctoral Travel Awards

Postdoctoral Travel Awards





All incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified. A completed application consists of the following:

 1. Completed Application Form - See criteria below for more details.

2. Scanned and submitted Faculty Mentor Acknowledgement Form. This is to be uploaded and attached to the Application Form above.


Failure to adhere to the requirements will result in your application being automatically disqualified.



An IUSM postdoctoral trainee (as defined by University HR) presenting a paper or poster at a scientific conference, as the first author/presenting author, is eligible to apply under the eligibility requirements and restrictions indicated below:


Eligibility Requirements:


NOTE: Second authors may be considered under extenuating circumstances outlined in the Significance Statement, if they too are presenting.

  1. The research for this presentation must have been done while you were a postdoc at IUSM.  You must be a current IUSM postdoctoral trainee to receive an award, and travel must be completed while you an active postdoctoral trainee at the IUSM.
  2. You may only submit an award application for one conference per competition. Applicants applying for more than one conference will be automatically disqualified. Award money may only be applied towards the conference cited in the application.
  3. You may only submit an award application for one presentation per competition. If you are giving multiple presentations at one conference, please apply with the strongest Abstract. If multiple presentations are given at one conference, it should be noted in the Significance Statement.
  4. Only one person can be first author and be presenting a talk or poster. We will only accept one application per presentation. Preference will be given to the applicants who are the first authors on their Abstract (see above).
  5. You may only apply if you will be traveling during the dates specified for the current competition. 
  6. If you receive the award: You must show proof of attendance at the conference to receive the award.  Please contact your departmental staff member to make your travel arrangements and give you instructions. The staff member should contact the Graduate Division for the account number. Please be sure to save all conference registration receipts, airline, and/or hotel receipts for any reimbursements. These will need to be submitted to the department staff making your travel arrangements.



Be sure to include ALL parts of the application and answer ALL questions. Failure to adhere to the guidelines will result in disqualification. When completing the application form, use only the space provided. 


Describe the research you will be presenting, including a brief justification of your research (why this study is important), methods, and results as applicable. This section is comprised of two parts: 


Significance Statement 

Briefly indicate the significance of your research to the research community. Describe the significance of your attendance to this conference to your career. Do not include any identifying information in the Abstract and Significance Statement responses (including lab name or PI name). The Significance Statement should be no more than 2,000 characters - including spaces.

***Please note that the Abstract and Significance Statement will be evaluated partially on the quality of the applicant's writing.***


We ask for a budget primarily to aid us in requesting funds for this travel award program to illustrate the financial need of postdoctoral trainees. This information will not be a factor in the judging of your application. If awarded, maximum travel funds will not exceed $1,000 and the amount awarded, if selected, will be based on the strength of the application.


Budget fields must be rounded to the nearest whole dollar and should include:


Digital Signature of Applicant 
Any application that is not digitally signed by the applicant will be automatically disqualified.


Faculty Mentor Acknowledgment Form
Any application that does not contain a completed Faculty Mentor Acknowledgment Form signed by the faculty mentor will be automatically disqualified. 



For more details, see the Judging Scoresheet.

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